Letter from the editor

March 17, 2023 

Dear Reader, 

Royal Media has embarked on an experiment to incorporate artificial intelligence into our editorial endeavors. This is an exciting initiative for us, although we recognize that it comes with uncertainty. But we have always experimented and explored new technologies, business models and strategies. We are doing the same with AI, and, for now, ChatGPT, specifically. 

We believe this tool can help us provide you with more information, faster.  

Obviously, we care greatly about the quality and veracity of the information we publish, as spelled out in our Code of Journalism Ethics. Therefore, we will limit our use of AI to news or information that is derived solely from press releases published at clearly defined website addresses.  

To be sure, this is an experiment. And I expect our AI practices to evolve with time. Any development will be guided by our commitment to providing you with the insights, intelligence and information you need to succeed. No AI algorithm can change or duplicate that.  

Best wishes, 

JJ Hornblass 

Publisher & CEO 

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